We partner with our clients to construct a fundraising plan that does more than meet monthly or annual revenue goals. Focused on personal connection and cultivation, our programs keep your donor base healthy over the long term, solidifying your base while nurturing relationships that will move donors to a higher level of philosophical and financial commitment.

Our menu of program services is designed to shepherd donors from one tier of the pyramid up to the next.

The Classic Call Center targets the large number of members at the foundation of the pyramid – generally those that give less than $150 annually and have a modest commitment to an organization – offering high quality direct marketing programs at a reasonable price using a predictive dialer.  Our services include the traditional renewal, sustainer, appeal, and lapsed telefundraising programs, as well as cultivation techniques such as welcome, thank-you, and pre-calls.

The Hybrid takes donor relations to a higher level, adding greater cultivation into each telephone call.  By taking the Co-op model and blending it with the efficiency of a state-of-the art predictive dialer, the Hybrid makes Co-op quality calls accessible to organizations unable to meet the commitments required of Co-op Member Clients.  By utilizing the  Hybrid, our clients have elevated their organization’s use of the telephone to a more high-end, personalized, and cultivation-based platform that fosters donor loyalty well beyond the parameters of the single campaign, and cross-pollinates all other channels of your direct marketing.

The Co-op was created in response to the growing trend of negativity in telemarketing.  Its mission was to make better quality, longer calls with far more committed and better trained representatives that would offer donors a far more interactive and positive calling experience than those calls provided by our competitors.  Using an array of advanced personalization techniques exclusive to The Co-op, we are able to lavish more attention and establish a deeper connection with each individual donor.  The Co-op is a uniquely cooperative arrangement among clients that synergize and share insider secrets while also committing to ongoing programs, allowing DSG to provide its callers with a consistent and stable array of work. The result is a group of highly qualified agents – the best in the nation – who are passionate about their work and pride themselves on truly understanding the goals and programs of each member organization.

Organizations interested in joining the Co-op are asked to meet certain criteria to ensure the continued unparalleled performance for all member organizations.

The Mid-range Concierge Program provides donors with unprecedented levels of personal attention.  These programs holistically integrate personal direct mail, personal notes, interactive personal e-mail exchanges, as well as telephone calls from a dedicated concierge who works with a portfolio of 600 donors for an entire year.  This truly comprehensive and highly personalized annual dialogue has been designed to significantly upgrade support from select $1,000 – $4,999 donors.  We have modeled our work in this area on the kind of interactive, truly personalized approach offered by major gifts officers at about 1/2 the cost.

Gift Planning identifies those members most interested in considering a planned gift to the organization, and then educates and further cultivates them through an 8 step process.  DSG’s Gift Planning Division offers comprehensive, integrated direct marketing approaches that use a combination of personalized letters, handwritten notes, informative newsletters and personal telephone contacts by highly trained bequest experts over a period to develop a truly interactive rapport with donors that encourages them to create an estate plan and how to include your organization in that plan.