Technology and Security

DSG’s strategic innovation extends to all levels of service.  To satisfy the ever-changing needs of our clients, we are continually designing and programming customized statistical reports, new applications and procedures.  For example, our customized, proprietary contact management software utilized by our Mid-range Division enables us to maintain in a single donor record a copy of every e-mail, IM exchange, and letter as well as narrative notes about every call.  We’ve also created e-mail fulfillment materials for our clients and recently launched a social media arena just for Co-op clients to enhance their communication with each other and our ability to share information with them.

At DSG we maintain a sequel database fully integrated into our cutting-edge predictive dialer technology.  We receive bi-annual updates, or as needed.  In addition, we maintain a premier database which provides for considerable flexibility, allowing DSG to both accept data from clients in a variety of formats and to implement customized reporting and programming quickly at no additional cost.

DSG is also very serious about maintaining compliance with all Federal, State and County State Registration Requirements.  Our clients can work with us confidently knowing that we comply with all State Charitable Registration and reporting requirements, and that we are in full compliance with all FTC and FCC rules governing predicative dialers and abandon call rates.  We have a full-time staff dedicated solely to ensuring timely submissions of all “notices of solicitations” and annual financial reports in each telefundraising jurisdiction.

In addition, DSG is one of the only telefundraising firms fully PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliant.  We consider the security of your donors’ information essential and devote significant resources to ongoing security maintenance and awareness training.