Case Study of Cultivation

DSG’s more cultivational approach and philosophy not only achieves better short-term results but has a significant long-term value. In an analysis of 136,000 current donor telemarketing Contacts for a Co-op Member Organization, those donors contacted by the Co-op performed as much as 18% better in subsequent calls than those contacted by other firms. This clearly suggests that donors came away from their Co-op experience feeling better about the organization, and that that experience made them considerably more likely to give the next time they were called regardless of the firm making that subsequent call. Regardless of whether the Co-op call resulted in a pledge, hedge, or refusal, donors contacted by the Co-op performed better in subsequent calls than any other competitor.  It is particularly important to note that those donors that refused to give during the Co-op call still responded to their next call at rates similar to donors that had never been contacted by phone before.  The Co-op had no negative impact on future giving.  Something no other telemarketing firm can say.

Though DSG’s Classic Call Center makes calls in a fashion similar to other traditional telefundraising firms, as the results below indicate, DSG has managed to successfully inject some cultivation techniques into even our lower cost telefundraising offerings, resulting in Classic Call Center’s relatively high showing in the chart: